Byron Thompson
Byron Thompson
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Co-Founder Byron Thompson is one of the most impressive people in the real estate industry. Byron is originally from Aurora/Centennial Colorado. He played Basketball at Nebraska Wesleyan University.  He has a strong passion for helping people grow and develop into their best selves. As a result, he has spent much of his career leading teams and developing individuals in various settings. He believes that the key to success is continuous growth and learning - something that he is always striving for himself. He does daily coaching for Meraki Realty Group, and his vast knowledge of real estate and communication skills shine bright every time he speaks. He is a hard worker who changes the game of real estate, and he proudly helps others achieve success. With his coaching, he not only helps the realtors on Meraki Realty Group but also inspires most everyone he meets. His passion for real estate is evident in everything he does and makes him an invaluable asset to Meraki Realty Group. He continues to provide excellent customer service and strives to make sure every client receives the best experience possible.

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