Jeremiah Merriman
Marketing Coordinator & Listing Manager
Jeremiah Merriman
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Jeremiah Merriman is our Marketing Coordinator and Listing Manager with an impressive knack for learning new skills quickly and effectively. He is capable of adapting his skills to any situation with ease. His day to day consists of tackling a wide range of projects and tasks. Jeremiah's diverse skill set make him able to tackle whatever challenges come his way. His enthusiasm, ambition, and positive attitude continue to get him far. With Jeremiah on the job, you can be sure that any challenge will be met with success! His commitment to his work and dedication to perfecting his craft ensure that he will always be a valuable asset in any setting. His favorite pass time is to experience the Hawaiian lifestyle with his older brother Jesse who is stationed there with the Navy. Jeremiah has an impressive skill set and the ambition to take on any challenge!

• Listing Preparation
• Marketing
• Client Care